Wednesday, August 18, 2010

boring duk dkat rmah !

hmmm boring3 . x g skolah dh 2 weeks . adoii . hmm bnyak plajaran ketinggalan . haha wt rjin blh . tp nnt exam mcm mne ? huhu . dkt rmah dh bce buku dh . smpai x lrat nk prah otak . huhu . hmm glew bring duk dkt rmah . duk dkt rmah mcm duk dkt pnjra . wlaupown mama ad td ttp boring . mama wt kje rmah . hmmm .

Funny !

last week i chatting wit my cousin . we fighting . n his said to me 'FUCK YOU ' and i said arg ! bitch u ! n his said relex la weyh . the meaning of  FUCK is (FOCUS UNTUK CAPAI KEJAYAAN) . haha . glew btul . 1 prktaan yg bgus . haha .

Monday, August 9, 2010

haha !

baby i love u no matter what they say . their words can't affect me .

luv !

love the lord ur god , wit all ur heart and wit all ur soul and with all ur strenght . huhu . ):

i hate u !

i hate u so freaky damn much .

permission !

before i nk wt blog nie i kne mntak pemission from my mum dlu . anyway mmg dh lme dh i nk blog nie . skrg bru blh wat .haha . hri 2 wt blog i x bgtau my mum dlu. glew kowt kne mrah free jew wit my mum . skrg nie bru my mum bg .

fight !

His words,hurting me a lot , Everday . Eventho im so damn unlucky,but i do have heart rite . u know that ily rite ?

puasa !

hmmm . puasa ? yay ! x sbar nk raya . hahz .

2 days not going too school !

what ? tomorrow tuesday ? omg ! music tomorrow . dh la x practise lg maen recorder . gosh . mcm mne nie ? yesterday n hri nie i x g skolah . cause sakit perut . last saturday i mkn roti jala . waktu i mkn roti jala ok jew . after i blik umah trus sakit perut . n then hari ahad my mum grak i nk g skolah . n then my mum grak i trus i muntah . haha . i dh x smpt nk g toilet , so my mum said why adk muntah . n then i said idk .  so i tringat blik n i citer dkt my mum last saturday adk eat roti jala wit abah . so my mum said satg kita g klinik then i said ok . haha .

morron !

what's morron ? last saturday i g knduri dkt prlis anyway . my family x ikt . just me jew . cause my sis school . haha . mse my mum hntr i dkt umah cousins i . my mum tell me take care n bla3 . so i said ok . dont worry . n then kte nk brtolak dh kew prlis . so after we nk brtolak ke prlis , abg zharif (my cousin) g isi minyak dlu . n then after dh isi minyak kta trus brtolak . haha . kebetulan waktu 2 plak hujan . abg zharif bwak keta pnye lah lju , anyway abg zharif x nmpak ad klopak air dkt tpi jln tu . haha . abg zharif pown ape lg trlnggar la . skit lg kiteorg nk accident . klu la waktu 2 pown abg zharif lost control i think kte org dh accident . maybe .
haha .

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bout Me

Hi :D My name be Nurul Farhanim but call me Fanim OR Anim ? Good (: Okayy lets see myy birthdayy is March 24 which makes me elevan11 :D my heart is already taken by someone ♥ My friends and family mean everythingg too me! My bestfriends are Anis,Aishah,Afifah,Fina,Dini and Farzana ♥ I love my family more then anything in the world they have been there for me through everything and always will be.....Well... I'm nothing more than an ordinary girl just trying to live a life like rockstar.... but I'm definitely living MY own life... I'm not a weirdo ( don't believe me) um.... I'm a girl...I've got one AWESOME sis's....