Wednesday, August 18, 2010

boring duk dkat rmah !

hmmm boring3 . x g skolah dh 2 weeks . adoii . hmm bnyak plajaran ketinggalan . haha wt rjin blh . tp nnt exam mcm mne ? huhu . dkt rmah dh bce buku dh . smpai x lrat nk prah otak . huhu . hmm glew bring duk dkt rmah . duk dkt rmah mcm duk dkt pnjra . wlaupown mama ad td ttp boring . mama wt kje rmah . hmmm .

Funny !

last week i chatting wit my cousin . we fighting . n his said to me 'FUCK YOU ' and i said arg ! bitch u ! n his said relex la weyh . the meaning of  FUCK is (FOCUS UNTUK CAPAI KEJAYAAN) . haha . glew btul . 1 prktaan yg bgus . haha .

Monday, August 9, 2010

haha !

baby i love u no matter what they say . their words can't affect me .

luv !

love the lord ur god , wit all ur heart and wit all ur soul and with all ur strenght . huhu . ):

i hate u !

i hate u so freaky damn much .

permission !

before i nk wt blog nie i kne mntak pemission from my mum dlu . anyway mmg dh lme dh i nk blog nie . skrg bru blh wat .haha . hri 2 wt blog i x bgtau my mum dlu. glew kowt kne mrah free jew wit my mum . skrg nie bru my mum bg .

fight !

His words,hurting me a lot , Everday . Eventho im so damn unlucky,but i do have heart rite . u know that ily rite ?